My name is Mark Klecka and I am a Coldwell Banker real estate agent here in downtown Sarasota Florida. I have lived here in the area for over 35 years and have had the pleasure of seeing Sarasota morph and grow to the exciting and tropical paradise it has become. The most important thing that makes Sarasota the fabulous destination that it is are the people themselves. Its amazing at the diversity of individuals who are in this city and I want to meet every one of you. Thus the birth of the Sarasota Street Talk podcast.

Not only do I want to run with this unique concept of taking real estate directly to the streets, I also want to provide you with as much useful real esstate content to help you make the best decisions possible when entertaining the purchase of Sarasota property; downtown or otherwise. As a result I have created Sarasota Street Talk to provide you with the best of both worlds. I want you to meet the very residents and visitors who bring their flavor to Sarasota, as well as give you solid Sarasota real estate advice, trends and all around information. 


Well we could write an entire novel on this one, but I will spare you 😉 Suffice it to say that Mark is a top producing agent with downtown Sarasota’s premiere Coldwell Banker brokerage. He started and admins downtown’s popular “I Love Downtown Sarasota” Facebook group and eat breathes and lives Sarasota real estate.