Second Annual Rise & Nyes Ice Cream Eating Championship

When one thinks Rise & Nyes there are six things which immediately come to my mind, in this particular order. #1 The incredible mission they have for not only employing but enhancing and empowering the lives of some challenged, but incredible human beings. #2 The incredible coffee. #3 The creamiest ice cream on the planet. #4 The best beignets this side of Cafe du Monde. #5 The semi annual ice cream eating contest and last, but certainly not least #5 the beignet eating contest, also held twice a year. In this episode, you will have the pleasure of hearing Scott and myself, along with our guest co-hosts, provide the play by play for this extremely fun event. What wasn’t so fun was the fact that that I am just now starting the feel the feeling back in my teeth, and that I was close to losing much of that ice cream in the contest, but.. no, just wait and let’s listen to the shenanigans right now!

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